Jihadist-held Mosul force Christians to flee

[0:07] 14/Jul/21

PNA - Iraq's second-biggest city has been cleared of Christians, an Iraqi official says, as Mosul's final Christian families, facing an ultimatum from Islamist militants at home, fled to the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

Iraq parliament elects Salim Jabouri as speaker

[22:33] 14/Jul/15

PNA - The Iraqi parliament named moderate Islamist Sunni politician Salim al-Jabouri as new speaker on Tuesday, winning an absolute majority of votes from deputies.

HRW: Iraqi Forces Execute 255 Prisoners

[23:43] 14/Jul/12

PNA - A global human rights group is accusing Iraqi security forces and militias associated with the government of unlawfully executing at least 255 prisoners in the last month.

Iraqi parliament delays next session until August

[22:25] 14/Jul/07

PNA - With political leaders deadlocked, Iraq’s parliament postponed on Monday its next session until mid-August, delaying the formation of a new government for weeks.

Chaldean Patriarch Sako Appeals for Missing Iraq Nuns

[22:23] 14/Jul/07

PNA - Iraq's most senior Christian leader appealed Saturday for the release of two nuns and three orphans who have been missing for several days in militant-held areas of northern Nineveh province .

Maliki To Run For A Third Term In Iraq

[22:16] 14/Jul/05

PNA - Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki vowed on Friday not to abandon his bid for another term as prime minister and pledged to stay on until the Sunni militants who have overrun much of the country are defeated.

Islamic State releases video of Baghdadi in Mosul

[22:07] 14/Jul/05

PNA - The Islamic State on Saturday released a video of what it said was its leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, leading Friday prayers in one of Mosul’s oldest mosques.

Up to 45 killed in Shia clashes in Iraqi holy city of Karbala

[22:24] 14/Jul/02

PNA - Up to 45 people have been killed in clashes between Iraqi security forces and followers of a radical cleric in the holy Shia city of Karbala, signalling divisions among Shia factions as a Sunni insurgency rages.

Iraq PM offers amnesty to ISIL Militants

[22:18] 14/Jul/02

PNA - Iraq's Maliki offers a general amnesty to militants in a bid to split broad alliances that captured large chunks of five provinces.

Unrest in Iraq could delay delivery of US F-16s

[22:21] 14/Jun/30

PNA - Violence in Iraq could delay the delivery of American F-16 fighter jets to the Baghdad government after contractors had to be evacuated from a key air base, the Pentagon said Monday.

Ban Expresses Concern Over Iraqi Crisis

[22:14] 14/Jun/30

PNA - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed his grave concern at the deepening crisis in Iraq and the rising number of civilian deaths and injuries, with over one million Iraqis having fled their homes due to the fighting.

Iraq receives Russian fighter jets to fight rebels

[22:33] 14/Jun/29

PNA - The defense ministry said in "three to four days" five Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft would enter service.

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