Kurdish official warns West of militant threat

[23:58] 14/Jul/20

PNA - Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdish region’s National Security Council, said he doubted Iraq’s army would be able to roll back militant gains without help from outside

Hundreds of Kurds enter Syria from Turkey to fight jihadists

[22:40] 14/Jul/15

PNA - Hundreds of Kurdish fighters have entered northern Syria to help battle jihadists besieging the Kurdish city of Ain al-Arab.

Jalil Hiyat mosque becomes a Ramadan hotspot in Erbil

[23:45] 14/Jul/12

PNA - One of the prominent buildings of Erbil, Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) capital is Jalil Hiyat mosque which was built 17 years ago nevertheless has received considerable attention as if it is historical.

Zebari urges Maliki to apologise

[23:36] 14/Jul/12

PNA - Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has urged PM Nouri Maliki to apologise for saying the Kurdish region authorities are sheltering extremists.

PKK to Restart Withdrawal in September

[22:18] 14/Jul/05

PNA - Kurdish rebels will begin a stalled withdrawal from Turkey into their safe haven in northern Iraq after parliament passes reforms aimed at ending a decades-long insurgency, local media reported on Saturday.

Iraq's Kurdish leader calls for independence vote

[13:18] 14/Jul/04

PNA - The leader of Iraq's Kurdish north called on lawmakers in the self-rule region's parliament to take the necessary steps toward holding a referendum on independence, a move that would likely spell the end of a unified Iraq.

Kurdish President: Conditions Are Favorable for Independence

[22:13] 14/Jul/02

PNA - Kurdish President Massoud Barzani said he would push for a referendum on independence for Kurdistan.

Turkey does not want 'tattered and divided' Iraq

[22:17] 14/Jun/30

PNA - Turkey's deputy prime minister says his country does not want to see a "tattered and divided" Iraq.

Iraq's Kurds plan Kirkuk status referendum

[22:09] 14/Jun/30

PNA - A plebiscite will be held in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk based upon the Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, president of the Kurdish region of northern Iraq said Sunday.

Netanyahu calls for supporting Kurdish independence

[22:01] 14/Jun/29

PNA - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced support for Kurdish statehood on Sunday, taking a position that appeared to clash with the U.S. preference to keep sectarian war-torn Iraq united.

Barzani Says Article 140 is Implemented

[15:23] 14/Jun/27

PNA - Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani said Friday there was no going back on autonomous Kurdish rule in oil city Kirkuk and other towns now defended against Sunni militants by Kurdish fighters.

Kirkuk Car Bomb Kills Five

[0:15] 14/Jun/26

PNA - A car bomb in a Kurdish-majority neighbourhood of the ethnically mixed northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk killed five people on Wednesday evening, security and medical officials said.

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