Peshmerga Forces Receive Hero's Welcome in Turkey

[21:35] 14/Oct/29

PNA - Iraqi peshmerga force have arrived in south-eastern Turkey en route for the Syrian town of Kobani to try to help fellow Kurds break an Islamic State siege that has defied US-led air strikes.

No direct fightings for Peshmerga forces in Kobani

[22:43] 14/Oct/26

PNA - Iraqi Kurdish forces will not engage in ground fighting in the Syrian town of Kobani but provide artillery support for fellow Kurds fending off Islamic State militants there

More than 800 dead in 40 days in Kobane

[22:38] 14/Oct/26

PNA - Around 815 people have been killed in 40 days of fighting between Kurdish militias and Islamic State militants in and around the town of Kobane in northern Syria, a monitoring group said on Sunday.

Peshmerga Forces Retake IS-Besieged Zumar Town

[22:35] 14/Oct/26

PNA - On Saturday, security sources said Iraqi Kurdish militia fighters retook a northern Iraqi town after fierce clashes with IS militants.

Kerry: 'Irresponsible' Not to Aid Kurds Against IS

[23:21] 14/Oct/20

PNA - Kerry said Monday the Obama administration decided to airdrop weapons and ammunitions to "valiant" Kurds fighting Islamic State extremists in the Syrian border town of Kobani because it would be "irresponsible" and "morally very difficult" not to support them.

US Officials applaud arming Kurds

[23:18] 14/Oct/20

PNA - A pair of the Republican Senators are backing the White House’s decision to arm Syrian Kurds, but they warn an “effective strategy” for defeating Islamic militants is not in place.

Turkey Lets Peshmerga Force Cross into Kobani

[23:09] 14/Oct/20

PNA - Turkey’s top diplomat announced on Monday that his country is helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross into Syria

US: 'Several hundred' IS fighters killed in Kobani

[22:55] 14/Oct/15

PNA - United State-led airstrikes have killed "several hundred" jihadists fighters in and around Kobani

Barzani: Everyone Should Work Toward United Stands

[22:41] 14/Oct/15

PNA - Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Massuod Barzani has called on Syrian Kurdish political parties to be united and become one to fight extremist group.

British Army to Trains Peshmerga in fight against IS Militants

[22:58] 14/Oct/12

PNA - British soldiers are in Iraq training the Kurdish peshmerga forces battling ISIL militants, the ministry of defence in London said on Saturday.

U.S. concerned over Kobani

[22:32] 14/Oct/12

PNA - Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the United States was deeply concerned about what he called the "tragedy" in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani

US Representative meets Kurdish officials

[22:44] 14/Oct/11

PNA - U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch D-Mass., led an oversight delegation to Iraq and Turkey this week to meet with Syrian opposition leaders.

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