President Barzani advocates for press freedom

[12:16] 14/Apr/22

PNA - Kurdistan Region’s President , Massoud Barzani demanded on Monday the concerned parties in the region to create the atmosphere for journalists to practice their work freely , calling at the same time, journalists and media performance for their role in a professional way and raise the level of national consciousness and coexistence in the country

Halabja`s massacre to be exhibited in Mexico

[8:55] 14/Apr/21

PNA - The deputy chief of Mexico`s asylum seekers, Hana Jaf, has arrived in Halabja on Sunday to discuss the opening of a special section devoted for Halabja`s massacre at Mexico International Museum.

Minister Mustafa calls on British parliamentarians to go with Kurdistan on its journey towards democracy

[11:31] 14/Apr/18

PNA - Kurdistan Regional Government Minister Falah Mustafa ‎told members of the British parliament that Kurdistan is an ally with a nascent democracy that Britain should continue to support.

KRG Minister calls for Kurdistan-UK partnership to grow

[9:06] 14/Apr/18

PNA - Britain and Kurdistan Region have a partnership that should be nurtured, was the message of Kurdistan Regional Government Minister Falah Mustafa during an official visit to the UK last week.

Erbil stops cars for 5 minutes to celebrate Environment Day in Kurdistan

[10:29] 14/Apr/17

PNA - General Directorate of Traffic stopped in Erbil province in Kurdistan Region all vehicles in the streets for five minutes starting from 11:00 until 11:05 on Wednesday morning to coincide with the celebration of Environment Day in Kurdistan.

President Barzani Meets US Ambassador Beecroft in Salahaddin

[9:07] 14/Apr/17

PNA - President Masoud Barzani met with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Steven Beecroft today for discussions on the current political and security situation in Iraq.

Presedent Barzani: There is no force able to deprive Yazidis from their authentic nationality

[11:47] 14/Apr/16

PNA - The President of Kurdistan Region , Massoud Barzani confirmed on Wednesday that there are some who seek to " deprive " Yezidi Kurds from the Kurdish identity , pointing out that he " is assured that there is no force capable of depriving Yazidis from their authentic nationality

Microsoft opens office in Kurdistan

[8:25] 14/Apr/16

PNA - American company, Microsoft has opened offices in the Kurdish capital, Erbil. In a press conference on Monday at Rotana Hotel, they announced the opening of the offices, under the name “Office365”.

Kurdish refugee bound for deportation saved by fellow passengers refusing to wear seat belts to let plane take off

[10:08] 14/Apr/15

PNA - A Kurd facing deportation from Sweden was granted a temporary stay after fellow passengers aboard his flight to Iran refused to fasten seat belts so that the plane could take off. Kurdish, Ghader Ghalamere, fled the country years ago in fear of persecution by Iranian authorities. He is now husband to Fatemeh, a Swedish resident, and father of two.

Kurdistan commemorates the 26th anniversary of Anfal operations

[14:42] 14/Apr/14

PNA - Kurdistan Regional Government commemorated on Monday, the 26th anniversary of Anfal operations during which the forces of the former regime killed thousands of Kurdish citizens and destroyed thousands of villages in 1988.

President Barzani: Iraq is heading toward Confederation

[11:43] 14/Apr/09

PNA - President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani said in an interview that Iraq is moving toward confederation.

President Barzani’s Interview with Al-Hayat Newspaper

[9:43] 14/Apr/08

PNA - The following is the translation of President Barzani’s full interview with the Arabic language Al-Hayat newspaper published on 5 April 2014.

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