Islamic State admit defeat in Kurdish town of Kobani

[21:02] 15/Jan/31

PNA - The Islamic State militants has acknowledged for the first time that its fighters have been defeated in the Syrian Kurdistan town of Kobani.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces retake oil field in Kirkuk

[20:58] 15/Jan/31

PNA - Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces retook an oil field in Kirkuk province Saturday that was seized by the Islamic State group overnight, and freed 24 workers who had been taken captive, officers said.

Islamic State Militants Attack Kirkuk Province

[21:48] 15/Jan/30

PNA - The Islamic State militants launched their offensive against Kirkuk and tried to penetrate the city itself, in a spate of brazen attacks by the extremist group on Peshmerga forces.

Close to 4 Thousand IS Militants killed since Kobani fight began

[21:41] 15/Jan/30

PNA - IS militants also lost 102 military vehicles and 16 tanks.

PM Barzani Warns of Long War Against Islamic State Militants

[21:32] 15/Jan/30

PNA - As Kurds we don't want to spearhead any attack to retake Mosul says Nechirvan Barzani.

Peshmerga forces kill 36 IS militants in Shingal

[21:34] 15/Jan/28

PNA - Several people have also been wounded in the clashes that lasted for two hours on Wednesday

Kurds urges Turkey to take stronger anti-IS stance

[22:35] 15/Jan/26

PNA - Deputy PM of Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq says Erbil wanted Turkey to be a part of the U.S.-led international anti-Islamic State coalition.

Kurdish City of Kobane liberated from IS Militants

[22:26] 15/Jan/26

PNA - Kurdish fighters have driven Islamic State militants from Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobane after months of heavy fighting.

US: Coalition Air Strikes Back Up Peshmerga Advance Against IS Militants

[22:36] 15/Jan/25

PNA - International coalition against Islamic State militants carries out dozens of airstrikes in 72-hour period, aiding Kurdish Peshmerga forces to retake parts in northern Iraq.

Australian politician joins Kurdish fighters in Syria

[22:32] 15/Jan/25

PNA - Matthew Gardiner, a former Australian soldier, sacked as Labor president in the Northern Territory after apparently joining Kurdish fighters in Syria

President of Iraqi Kurdistan Mourns Death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

[22:34] 15/Jan/24

PNA - The President of Iraqi Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani has sent a cable of condolences to the Saudi authorities

Masrour Barzani urges international coalition to expand fight against IS militants

[22:19] 15/Jan/24

PNA - Chancellor of Kurdistan's regional security Council, says Iraq needs boots on the ground to defeat IS militants

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