EU gives more aid to Iraq to fight IS

[20:55] 14/Dec/22

PNA - European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini arrived in Iraq's capital Baghdad Monday

Peshmerga Forces Gain More Ground in Sinjar

[20:23] 14/Dec/22

PNA - Iraqi Kurdish fighters, backed by US-led coalition airstrikes, have pushed their way into the town of Sinjar, captured by the Islamic State (IS) group last summer.

Barzani blames Maliki for Iraqi army collapse in Mosul

[21:00] 14/Dec/16

PNA - Kurdish Peshmerga forces will not fight ISIS in Iraq’s second city of Mosul: President Barzani

UK to send troops to train Peshmerga forces

[17:29] 14/Dec/14

PNA - British soldiers will be training Kurdish Peshmerga in the use of heavy machine guns

US Congress removes Kurdish parties from terrorist list

[17:23] 14/Dec/14

PNA - The two Iraqi Kurdish ruling parties have been removed from the United States terrorist list, a senior U.S. official has announced.

Germany to send training mission to Kurdistan

[19:20] 14/Dec/12

PNA - The German government is going over plans to send troops to Kurdistan Region to train peshmerga in the fight against the Islamic State.

Three Turkish border guards killed on Syrian border

[19:24] 14/Dec/09

PNA- Three Turkish border guards were shot dead near Sanliurfa, close to Syrian Kurdish city border Kobani

Barzani Candidate For Time Magazine Person Of The Year

[19:19] 14/Dec/09

PNA - Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani has been selected as one of the candidates for the coveted 2014 Time magazine Person of the Year.

Parliament Speaker: Kurdish region may seek to leave Iraq

[21:02] 14/Dec/07

PNA - Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq, the Iraqi Kurdistan speaker says a referendum would be held if the northern Kurdish region were to seek independence

Deadly Blast Rocks Kurdish City of Kirkuk

[22:23] 14/Dec/05

PNA - Police say at least 33 people killed in a bombing in northern Iraqi city.

Frist Group of Peshmerga Return from Kobani

[21:15] 14/Dec/05

PNA - The first batch of Iraqi Peshmerga forces that were sent to fight in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani in October through Turkey have returned to Kurdistan Region.

New Peshmerga deployment to Kobani

[22:47] 14/Dec/02

PNA - Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government has send Peshmerga replacements for its 150 Peshmerga who were sent to Syria's Kobani through Turkey on Oct. 28

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