Senior PKK Leader Says Group Can End Armed Struggle With Steps From Ankara

[18:27] 15/Mar/31

PNA - A senior leader of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has said the group aims to solve the Kurdish issue politically rather than militarily, and is waiting for “solid steps” from the government in order to end the armed struggle.

Ocalan Praises Kurdistan Prime Minister Role in Peace Process

[18:47] 15/Mar/30

PNA - PM Barzani receives HDP delegation in Kurdistan Region capital Erbil

President Masoud Barzani Meets Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn

[18:23] 15/Mar/30

PNA - Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Saturday met with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon Praises Peshmerga Success

[18:20] 15/Mar/30

PNA - The UN Secretary General Calls Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani

Kurdistan Security Council Announces Killing of Senior IS leader in Mosul

[17:51] 15/Mar/29

PNA - IS leader Zeyad Salim Muhammad al- Kurdi was killed by coalition planes

Kurdish Yazidi MP Calls for UN Help Against Islamic State

[17:37] 15/Mar/28

PNA - Vian Dakhil, a Kurdish Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament, asked the United Nation Security Council to adopt a resolution formally declaring the violence targeting her community a genocide.

Military Training Camp Opens in Erbil

[20:56] 15/Mar/25

PNA - An official opening ceremony was held for Benaslawa military training camp against the Islamic State of militants (IS) in Erbil.

Kurds From New Zealand Back Peshmerga Forces

[10:04] 15/Mar/23

PNA - The New Zealand Kurdish community is calling on the Government to send New Zealand troops to help Kurdish forces take on Islamic State (IS).

Kurdistan Government Condemns the Beheading of Three Peshmerga

[9:49] 15/Mar/23

PNA - Kurdistan Regional Government strongly condemns the killing of three Peshmerga hostages at the hands of ISIS terrorists

Islamic State Destroys Historical Yezidi symbol in Shingal

[12:07] 15/Mar/22

PNA - The Islamic State militants bombed a minaret in Shingal, the town’s most historical monument, a Peshmerga commander said.

Barzani Vows Revenge For Peshmerga Fighters Beheaded by IS

[11:35] 15/Mar/22

PNA - Massud Barzani, the president of Kurdistan region, vowed on Saturday to avenge three peshmerga fighters beheaded by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Ocalan Calls For Congress to End Turkey Armed Struggle

[11:32] 15/Mar/22

PNA - The jailed Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan has renewed a call for his fighters to end their armed struggle in Turkey.

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