Turkey Power Cut Hits Big Cities

[20:24] 15/Mar/31

PNA - A massive power cut has hit dozens of provinces across Turkey, with officials saying a break in connections with mainland Europe could be to blame.

Turkish Minister: US-Led Training for Syrian Fighters to Start in May

[19:29] 15/Mar/31

PNA - United States-led program to train Syrian opposition fighters to fight Islamic State (IS) militants will start in May, Turkey's Defense Minister İsmet Yilmaz says

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Expreses Concern Over Iraqi Army Abuses

[19:22] 15/Mar/30

PNA - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called in Baghdad Monday for Iraq and the international community to increase assistance for over 2.5 million people displaced by violence in the country.

Turkish Soldiers Detain 5 Dutch citizens

[19:22] 15/Mar/29

PNA - Five Dutch citizens have been detained while trying to cross from Turkey to Syria illegally, the Turkish army announced in a statement on March 29.

Arab League Agrees to Create Joint Military Force

[18:36] 15/Mar/29

PNA - Egyptian President Sisi released a statement today signalling the agreement between several member states as a reaction to the ongoing turmoil in Yemen.

Pentagon: 2,200 Syrian Opposition Fighters Identified for Training

[19:03] 15/Mar/28

PNA - About 2,200 individuals have been identified to be vetted for a train-equip program to help Syrian opposition fighters in the campaign against the Islamic State (IS), the U.S. said on Saturday.

Yemen Operation to Continue Until Targets Achieved: Saudi king

[18:41] 15/Mar/28

PNA - Saudi King Salman said on Saturday the country's military campaign in Yemen against Houthi fighters would continue until its targets are achieved.

Syria's Al-Qaida Captures Idlib Province From Syrian Regime

[17:45] 15/Mar/28

PNA - Al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria, the Nusra Front, captured the northwestern city of Idlib from government forces Saturday

Turkish Military Clashes With Kurdish Militants in Southeast

[20:20] 15/Mar/25

PNA - Turkish military exchanged fire with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants in southeast Turkey on Wednesday

Former American Soldier Injured Fighting Alongside Peshmerga Forces

[10:00] 15/Mar/23

PNA - Former American soldier from the Central Ohio army veteran who was injured, while voluntarily helping to fight ISIS, is expected back on U.S. soil, Sunday evening.

Kurdish official: 49 people killed in twin bombing in Hakasah

[11:49] 15/Mar/22

PNA - The head of Syria's Kurdish Red Crescent says the death toll from a twin bombing targeting Kurds celebrating new year Nawroz in the Syrian Kurdistan city of Hassakeh has risen to 49.

Chlorine Gas Attacks Kill Six in Alleged Syrian Government Attack

[18:50] 15/Mar/17

PNA - Syrian activists and opposition members claimed on Tuesday that government helicopters carried out a chlorine gas attack on a northern town overnight, killing six people, an accusation that was promptly dismissed by a military official.

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