Israel and Palestinians agree long-term truce

[23:41] 14/Aug/26

PNA - A long-term ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Turkey protest in Istanbul over Syrian refugees

[23:35] 14/Aug/26

PNA - Hundreds of people have clashed with Turkish police in Istanbul during a protest against the rising number of refugees from Syria.

Britain Investigating Whether James Foley Executioner Is Its Citizen

[22:49] 14/Aug/20

PNA - The prospect is so worrisome to the British government that Prime Minister David Cameron broke off a vacation to try to get to the bottom of it: Is the masked jihadi seen in a video apparently beheading an American journalist a British citizen?

Germany accused of spying on Kerry and Clinton

[23:33] 14/Aug/18

PNA - Germany's foreign intelligence agency eavesdropped on US Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton

Turkey to build camp for displaced Yazidis

[22:59] 14/Aug/13

PNA - Turkey is going to build a refugee camp in northern Iraq for around 16,000 people from the crisis-stricken country's Yazidi ethnic minority who fled from Sinjar amid ongoing attacks by Islamic State militants.

Human Rights Watch director barred from Egypt

[22:53] 14/Aug/11

PNA - The executive director of Human Rights Watch and another senior staff member have been denied entry to Egypt.

President Erdogan hails new era for Turkey

[22:47] 14/Aug/11

PNA - Outgoing PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hailed his victory in Turkey's first direct presidential election as a new era for the country.

Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood's political wing

[0:05] 14/Aug/10

PNA - A court in Egypt has dissolved the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing.

Rafah school strike 'criminal' - UN chief

[23:16] 14/Aug/03

PNA - An attack that killed 10 people at a UN-run Gaza school was a "moral outrage and a criminal act", UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said.

US orders airlines to fly at higher altitudes over Iraq

[23:14] 14/Aug/03

PNA - The U.S. government told airlines flying over Iraq to remain at higher altitudes, amid growing concerns about carriers operating around conflict zones.

China earthquake kills hundreds

[23:12] 14/Aug/03

PNA - At least 367 people have been killed and some 1,300 injured by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in south-west China, state news agency Xinhua says.

U.S., U.N. announce deal on 72-hour Gaza cease-fire

[13:32] 14/Aug/01

PNA - Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire to begin Friday morning, the United Nations and United States announced

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