Qatar officials dismiss IS funding claims

[22:03] 14/Oct/29

PNA - Senior officials from Qatar have strongly denied claims the country is supporting extremist groups in Syria such as Islamic State.

ISIS executes 46 in Iraq

[21:50] 14/Oct/29

PNA - Jihadists from the Islamic State group have executed at least 46 members of a tribe that fought against them in Iraq's Anbar province

US slams IS with 25 new air strikes in Iraq, Syria

[22:51] 14/Oct/18

PNA - US war planes struck more than two dozen times in Syria and Iraq on Friday and Saturday

French President: Turkey Should Open its Border to Help Kobani

[22:48] 14/Oct/14

PNA - French President Hollande urged Turkey to open its border to allow reinforcements to reach the besieged city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan

US rockets hit besieged Syrian Kurdish town Kobani

[21:52] 14/Sep/27

PNA - Rocket fire by jihadists from the Islamic State group hit the besieged Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani on Saturday for the first time, wounding 12 people, a monitor said.

Hollande confirms beheading of French hostage by IS

[23:22] 14/Sep/24

PNA - Video posted by Soldiers of the Caliphate claims that Herve Gourdel, a French hiker abducted in Algeria, has been murdered after Paris refused to stop air strikes in Syria

France Rules Out Air Strikes in Syria

[22:01] 14/Sep/22

PNA - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday his nation would not launch air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants based in Syria

Turkish diplomat says US air strike against ISIL almost killed hostages

[21:58] 14/Sep/20

PNA - Turkey's consul general in Mosul, who spent some 101 days in captivity at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants

Malta boat sinking 'leaves 500 dead'

[22:05] 14/Sep/15

PNA - About 500 migrants are feared dead after their ship was rammed by another boat near Malta last week, a migration body said.

CIA: IS have 31,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria

[22:04] 14/Sep/13

PNA - The CIA says the Islamic State (IS) militant group may have up to 31,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria - three times as many as previously feared.

Kerry tries Egypt aid in fight against Islamic State

[21:58] 14/Sep/13

PNA - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday hailed Egypt as an "important partner" in the emerging coalition aimed at beating back the extremist Islamic State group

Obama to set out US plan against IS

[23:04] 14/Sep/07

PNA - US President Barack Obama is to set out his "game plan" against Islamic State militants in a speech on Wednesday.

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