Chechen IS leader said killed in Kobani

[22:33] 14/Dec/02

PNA - A Chechen leader of the Islamic State, IS, jihadist group was killed during a gunbattle for control of areas seized by Kurdish forces in the Syrian-Kurdish enclave of Kobani, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, S.O.H.R., reported

US Air Strikes Have Failed to Weaken ISIS: Syrian Foreign Minister

[21:18] 14/Nov/29

PNA - Minister demanded Turkey stop flow of Isis recruits across border

Pope calls for Muslim opposition to IS in Turkey

[18:36] 14/Nov/28

PNA - Pope Francis condemned the Islamic State assault on Christians and other religions minorities in Iraq and Syria, as he arrived Friday in Turkey

Iran Ready to send weapons to Iraq

[22:14] 14/Nov/22

PNA - Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said that Iran is ready to send military equipment and weapons to Iraq.

U.S.-led airstrikes in Kobani kills over 900

[22:12] 14/Nov/22

PNA - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says death toll includes 785 ISIS fighters, 52 civilians

Iraqi PM Abadi welcomes US army deployment

[23:31] 14/Nov/08

PNA - Iraq's prime minister has said that the US military trainers heading to the country are welcome but "a little late,"

Qatar officials dismiss IS funding claims

[22:03] 14/Oct/29

PNA - Senior officials from Qatar have strongly denied claims the country is supporting extremist groups in Syria such as Islamic State.

ISIS executes 46 in Iraq

[21:50] 14/Oct/29

PNA - Jihadists from the Islamic State group have executed at least 46 members of a tribe that fought against them in Iraq's Anbar province

US slams IS with 25 new air strikes in Iraq, Syria

[22:51] 14/Oct/18

PNA - US war planes struck more than two dozen times in Syria and Iraq on Friday and Saturday

French President: Turkey Should Open its Border to Help Kobani

[22:48] 14/Oct/14

PNA - French President Hollande urged Turkey to open its border to allow reinforcements to reach the besieged city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan

US rockets hit besieged Syrian Kurdish town Kobani

[21:52] 14/Sep/27

PNA - Rocket fire by jihadists from the Islamic State group hit the besieged Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani on Saturday for the first time, wounding 12 people, a monitor said.

Hollande confirms beheading of French hostage by IS

[23:22] 14/Sep/24

PNA - Video posted by Soldiers of the Caliphate claims that Herve Gourdel, a French hiker abducted in Algeria, has been murdered after Paris refused to stop air strikes in Syria

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