Apple Will Now Recycle Any Product You Give Back—and Give You Credit for It

[10:09] 14/Apr/23

PNA - Starting today, Apple Stores will begin accepting any of the company’s products for recycling at no charge.

South Korean ferry`s death toll reaches 113

[10:06] 14/Apr/23

PNA - Rescuers searching for bodies have been able to take advantage of better weather on Tuesday, officials say, with more than 190 passengers still missing or presumed trapped inside the vessel.

Sources: Assad Dumped Chlorine From Helicopters

[12:13] 14/Apr/22

PNA - The US is looking into whether a toxic chemical was deployed in areas of Syria that are controlled by rebel forces seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Iran allows a concert for the first time

[8:51] 14/Apr/22

PNA - Iranian authorities have allowed for the famous singer , Zanyar Khosravi , who broadcast his songs without official approval , to start an open concert for the first time , according to the Iranian official news agency

Syria to Hold Presidential Election on June 3

[14:21] 14/Apr/21

PNA - Syria will hold presidential elections on June 3, the country's parliament speaker announced Monday, a vote President Bashar Assad is likely to contest as his nation sinks deeper into a bloody civil war, now in its fourth year.

France points at use of chemical weapons by Assad`s regime

[10:16] 14/Apr/21

PNA - Allegations that Bashar al-Assad's forces have used chemical weapons in recent attacks gained credence on Sunday when France said it had "information" of toxic gases being used against opposition targets.

Iran condemns US seizure of Alavi Foundation building

[10:14] 14/Apr/21

PNA - Iran has condemned a US decision to seize a Manhattan skyscraper belonging to a non-profit organisation with alleged links to the Tehran government.

Text From Passenger on Ferry: 'Dad, Don't Worry'

[10:37] 14/Apr/17

PNA - With angry, grieving relatives looking on from shore, South Korean divers continued to search for any sign of the roughly 290 people still missing from yesterday's ferry sinking, reports Reuters.

3 Dead, 104 Missing in S. Korea Ferry Sinking

[11:45] 14/Apr/16

PNA - At least three people are dead and more than 100 unaccounted for after a passenger ferry carrying 476 people—including more than 300 high school students—sank off South Korea's coast this morning.

UN security council to examine Syrian torture images

[10:23] 14/Apr/16

PNA - Some members of the UN security council are set to inspect photographs of about 11,000 Syrians, said to have been tortured and killed by Bashar al-Assad`s forces, in an effort to prosecute the perpetrators for war crimes.

Mardin elects 25-year old Christian woman as mayor

[10:22] 14/Apr/16

PNA - A 25-year-old student has burst onto the political scene in Turkey as the first Christian woman to govern a metropolitan city in this predominantly Muslim republic.

Jordan ambassador to Libya kidnapped

[13:39] 14/Apr/15

PNA - The Jordanian ambassador to Libya has been kidnapped, the Jordanian foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

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