Kurdistan Has Military Plans Ready To Prevent Iraqi Army Advance, says Peshmerga Ministry

[15:11] 12/Jul/29

PNA-One source from Kurdistan Peshmerga Ministry said that Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the Zumar region northwest of Nineveh province in Iraq are ready to stop Iraqi army advanced to this region and Kurdistan has a plan ready for military action to prevent Iraq army from advance toward Kurdish areas.

Speaking to Peyamner, Colonel Issa Zewayi, intelligence chief of the 8th battalion of Peshmerga forces said that two days ago, Iraqi forces wanted to enter into Kurdish region but Peshmerga forces did not allow the Iraqi Army to advance one more step toward Kurdish areas.


Peshmarga and Iraqi troops are deployed less than one kilometer from each other near Cairo village and clashes are possible at any moment, said Zewayi.


He added that Peshmerga forces never leave these areas and if Iraqi army advances toward Kurdish areas, Peshmerga forces will confront any attack and army advance with various weapons.


Peshmerga forces are equipped with aircrafts of the Air force and with various classes of weapons and there is very possibility of conflict between Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

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